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World Tour Tetris FULL 1.0.5 APK Android Game


World Tour Tetris FULL 1.0.5
World Tour Tetris FULL apk 1.0.5
Requirements: Android 2.1 and up
Overview: World Tour Tetris is an evolved version of TETRIS game.

Each level represents a country, with a flag and a picture from that country, there are 13 countries, USA, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Rusia ,China, Japan and Egipt plus one surprise level. (If you would like your country to appear in the future, please write us, or post it in the comments).
1. There are two different game modes, TETRIS, wich is the classic tetris game with one minor modification to no violate the Tetris copyrights (the table has one more columns), but the game feels exactly the same as classic tetris. And you can play in Petris mode, with is an evolved version of the Tetris game, in wich there is a mix between classic pieces and extra ones to make it more interesting. Now you can clear 5 lineas at the same time.
2. 3 Sub Modes
.1 Marathon: Classic mode.
.2 40 Lines: Make 40 lines as fast as you can.
.3 Invisible: How many lines can you make, when the board is not visible (good challenge to Tetris masters)
3. Open Feint score boards, you can keep your score of the Tetris game mode, and Petris game mode, and then the Total Score of both, so you can compare yourself against other players around the world.
4. Support virtual button control completely. For the players who are not used to using gesture, they can use virtual button control.
5. Support blocks "delayed fixing" effect. When blocks fall down on the bottom or other blocks, you still can rotate and move blocks in a short time. This helps when blocks fall in a high speed; you still have short time to adjust blocks' position.
6. Cool visual effects, including stealth when dropping piece, and shaking. And block explotion when clearing lines. Must see!
7. Support all screen resolutions (including 240x320) of phones and tablets.
Disclaimer: This game is not made or owned by EA, nor Tetris Holding inc. nor The Tetris Company. Any resemblances between this game and Tetris are pure coincidence, in tetris you have only 7 Pieces, and in this game you have 12 pieces. In Tetris you can do up to 4 lines combos, and in this one up to 5.

Name      :         World Tour Tetris FULL apk 1.0.5 Android game

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