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Ragnarok Violet v1.5.0 100% ENG Patch By styhuang

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Updated: 2011/08/23
Current version: 1.5.0
Size: 10.6 MB
Language: Japanese English Pacth By styhuang
Dealers: NEO-Cyon, INC
© (C) GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. (C) Gravity Co., Ltd.
4 Rating +
Condition: iPhone, iOS 3.2 or later and compatible iPad iPod touch

Continuous attacks exhilarating!
shake of exciting big sword!
directing skills Brilliant!
Action RPG pleasure "Ragnarok VIOLET"

appeared! No.1 online RPG players the large number of divisions for four consecutive years (Oricon Ranking CS) " Ragnarok Online "inherited the view of the world, is the action RPG featuring a refreshing and exciting combat. Refining weapons, and by card capacity, the player freedom to decide their own status at the time level , such as "Ragnarok Online" features of the inheritance, even "Ragnarok VIOLET" weapon systems and only change, including the new Pet System also incorporates elements of the evolution has been more fun. ■ Features In addition to the main scenario, the various sub-scenarios can be enjoyed in a long time that there is a quest for trout. Weapons, fast and exhilarating sense of "Dagger", can be equipped with a shield "Sword", a wider range of attack powerful "Sword", and choose a weapon to suit your preferred style of play it can be. Monsters,

New features in Version 1.5.0
Revised some of the text.
We have some fixes.
New Icon by styhuang
Menu Background by styhuang

New features in version 1.4.0
- Revised the items selling price.
- Revised some of the character illustrations.

Download :
Mediafire - By styhuang

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