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gFlashPro – Flashcards & Tests 3.6 STORM

>gFlashPro – Flashcards & Tests 3.6 STORM

Our new improved version of gFlashPro is here, and we think it’s the best flashcard app around! Learn anything from chemistry to ancient history, study for a professional certification, or take a minute to relax and enjoy some trivia, anywhere and anytime.
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later

In addition to gFlash+’s great features, our newest version of gFlashPro has:
- Free access to more than 50 million cardsets from Quizlet and StudyStack!
- Create and edit cards on the device
- Ability to view cardsets in landscape or portrait…now with a lock option!
- Audio and video clips to better support languages, trivia, …
- 5 star performance scoring – track your improvement!
- Cached images and sound clips for offline studying and faster display
- Easily configured font preferences for each cardset on your device
- Convenient onscreen controls for sorting and screen layout
- Improved catalog search speed, number of results, and ratings
- Easy scrolling and selection for large multiple choice answers
- Turn autoshuffle on/off within the application (for ordered lists)
- Multisided cards with up to six card “sides” easily added thru the Google Docs interface
- Combine or copy card sets which is especially helpful when the number of cards continues to increase
- Navigate through card sets with a swipe of the finger
- Permanently delete a card in the gFlashPro editor
- Easily backup the entire gFlashPro database including flashcard data, card set progress, and configuration settings
- Split a large data set into manageable pieces
- No advertisements!

Remember gFlashPro includes everything you can already do with gFlash+:
- Create flashcards and share them with friends using any two column Google Spreadsheet
- Download cardsets from the gWhiz Catalog or your Google Documents account
- Study a cardset or take a quiz to test your knowledge
- Autoshuffle cards on subsequent passes with a focus on the ones you missed
- Randomly generate multiple choice answers (great for language learning)
- Assign several unique multiple choice answers to each question (if you’re cramming for the SAT!)
- View one side of a flashcard or both sides simultaneously
- Have flashcards with images, foreign language characters, and customize text (e.g., font size, bold) with HTML!
- Hide or show the score panel

Not convinced gFlashPro is for you? Please try gFlash+, our free advertising sponsored version. gFlash+ is the most popular flashcard application in the iTunes AppStore!

Our customers are our partners! We have focused on the device software and have a great community of users collaborating on learning content. If you’re mostly interested in using content that exists, make sure you browse the gWhiz Catalog, StudyStack, and Quizlet. With more than 50 million flashcard sets available for free download, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

We have had over one million downloads of our applications! With your support and your feedback we will continue to evolve these products. Please let us know what you would like to see in future releases by sending an email to Thank you for all of your feedback so far!

Note that an active wireless connection is required to download new cardsets, and view flashcards with videos. Once downloaded, text based flashcards, cached images, and cached sound clips can be used at anytime.

Follow the link below to gWhiz’s Web Site where you can:
- browse the gWhiz Catalog
- learn how to create and share your own flashcards with Google Documents
- review our Forum

If you have created a set of flashcards that would benefit others, please share a version via Google Documents to, and we will add them to the catalog. Please give the file a title that would make sense to someone browsing the catalog.

What’s New in Version 3.6
French support
SSL for GDocs connections
Minor fixes

10e810df92327870.jpg gFlashPro Flashcards & Tests 3.6 STORM

 gFlashPro Flashcards & Tests 3.6 STORM


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