Monday, January 23, 2012

Night Camera+ 1.11 APK Android


 Night Camera+ 1.11
Night Camera+ apk 1.11
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: "Sorry for the quality, mobile." Almost everyone makes excuses when publishing a photo taken with a camera phone. What are the problems taking good quality pictures with camera phones and is there a way to solve them and bridge the gap between camera phones and compact cameras?

You may think there is very little difference between a cell phone camera and a point-and-shoot camera. Nowadays, mobile phone cameras have enough megapixels. The phones have enough storage capacity. Even the lens quality is not as bad as before and can compete with low-end compact cameras.

At the same time, a big gap still exists when it comes to the basis of photography – the light source. If you take pictures in daylight, you may be satisfied with the quality of mobile images. However, when you move to a less bright indoor environment, you start to notice the difference.

Features :

* No blur, no noise!
* Full resolution
* Advanced low light technique
* Location tagging
* Shutter sound can be muted
* Support for Flash on/off/auto

Name         :          Night Camera+ apk 1.11 Android

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