Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Download APK 3d Monopoly Android Game

3d Monopoly apk Android Game is an amazing game. This game makes android phone users feel playing Monopoly on paper. Unfortunately, after trying several times, it turns out this game still has many bugs in the program. Many of the android phone users who complain about some very disturbing things, like the game would not start and only shows a black screen with no sound or a player who had to start from scratch every time they turn off the game.

Message delivered by users to tengxuntaba as the developer of 3d Monopoly apk is to Tengxuntaba wan to improve performance of monopoly game, so do not dissapoint the users. Currently, this game has been played by nearly 500,000 users. However, if the disappointment they experienced, then this game will soon be abandoned by the android phone users. So, let’s wait for the game of 3d Monopoly apk better.

3d Monopoly apk Android Game
3d Monopoly apk Android Game

If you looking for 3d Monopoly apk Android Game, you can go to the source download this apps via the link below.

3d Monopoly apk Android Game

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