Monday, December 5, 2011

Thunder Bear Android Game v1.0.2 Download

Thunder Bear Android Game v1.0.2
Thunder Bear is an addictive Android game in which Thunder Bear will have to use his new powers to fight off Magic Meteorites thrown at him by the angry Zeus. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty will increase and you will to use wisely your new given bonuses.
The game offers 3 modes: Classic, Survivor and Time Attack. All the scoreboards are powered by OpenFeint.
Full Thunder Bear Story:
Little Bear is a bear who enjoys spending time in the forest with his animal friends. Little Bear is a very curious bear. One day, his curiosity takes him into a dark cave where he discovers Zeus’ hidden thunderbolt.
As Little Bear picks up the thunderbolt, a large thunderbolt shoot up into the sky! With this new
Thunder Bear Android GameThunder Bear Android Game apk
Thunder Bear Android Game v1.0.2
found power, Little Bear becomes Thunder Bear.
Zeus, sitting up in his thrown, sees the large thunderbolt in the sky and knows someone has stolen his powerful thunderbolt. He then decides that he will find and kill the one who has stolen his thunderbolt.
Zeus finds Thunder Bear in the forest and begins sending down Magic Meteorites. Thunder Bear decides to fight back by using his new power to defend himself.
In order for Thunder Bear to stop Zeus’ Magic Meteorites he must prove that he deserves this God-like power. Thunder Bear will therefore have to fight his way through the forest.
Thunder Bear Android Game v1.0.2

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