Monday, December 5, 2011

Full Version Download of Battery Calibrator Pro 2.1.9 by CyberAndroid


Battery Calibrator Pro 2.1.9 by CyberAndroid

Overview: Use this app to set your shelling after you flash a newborn rom.

Requirements: All robot versions+ROOT
Category: Libraries

Donate version on market! Removes ads from app and supports development!

*NOTE* This app DOES NOT ruin your shelling life! It only deletes the shelling stats so you crapper move firm and intend an faithful reading! It does null to your shelling life! It is the aforementioned as feat into feat mode and wiping batterystats. It will not attain your shelling last longer!

I prefabricated this app because other calibration apps would not impact for me. By installing this app you will not stop me responsible if anything happens.

Please don't rate 1 star if you are not unmoving and it doesn't work.
If you hit any problems with this app gratify email before you rate low!
Use this app to set your shelling after you flash a newborn rom. You crapper also ingest this if your shelling take reads criminal and is not accurate. Sometimes our phones will closed off at only 15%. With this app you crapper set your shelling so you intend an faithful reading on the remaining level.

There is an most schedule in this app for answers to destined questions asked most the app and also letting you see your shelling history.
Root permissions and busybox are required for this app to work. If you don't know what stem is, then you probably shouldn't download this app.

Recent changes:
- Read changelog in app. Click schedule to see it Calibrator Pro 2.1.9 Android.rar

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